Monday, March 18, 2013

Wifey? Nah, I'll wait

My mind is like a data bank. Every now and again I'll retrieve deposits people have made whether good or bad. I am however trying to train myself not to hold the bad deposits against the idiots and those who really meant no harm.

This morning I thought about how this whore of all whores. (Sorry but it's true) I mean you meet a nigga and screw in the club? Here's the shoe, honey, wear it. Anyhoo, knowing my former situation of which I was clueless, she says during a conversation which does not pertain to me "I'm wifey tho". Come for me? I'll meet you.

Y'all can have that wifey malarchy. Y as a suffix means possessing characteristics of. While descriptions are nice I'd rather possess the title, feel me? Lastly, the one without the ring in competition sports is a mere runner up. I always attempt to encourage even the ignorant so here goes. Remember while he's keeping his commitment your real husband is waiting to make you his wife. Tighten up and all that!

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